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Ancient Fortress Ruspoli

– No, this spring the group "Freestyle village" opened the Year of in China. It was organized by a grand performance at the hall on 10 thousand people. But the concerts in southern Italy – is a special experience. For the first time at this high level team showed their creative achievements. The kids visit a lifetime – to visit such paradises are not lucky enough to everyone. For example, before a concert in Rome, they lived in a hotel right on the sea Terenskogo.

– Where did the concerts, as artists took the audience? – Concerts were held in the central squares of cities in the theater. Once we were in this fort. The final concert in Rome was held at the residence of the Russian ambassador to Italy, the famous Villa ABAMELEK. The audience welcomed the Russian actors standing. On average, going to concerts at 800-1000 spectators on the streets were plastered with posters, so we waited. As you probably know, the Italians – a very sophisticated audience, so this account is worth a lot.

In addition to the "Villages of the Free" at the festival were successfully Moscow collective folk dance "Heel" and the ensemble of violinists from Kaliningrad. I want to mention the high professional level of Russian artists who took part in the festival. – Please tell us more about the speech in the fortress. What do you especially remember a trip? – Ancient Fortress Ruspoli, in which we played, is located in the town of Cerveteri and belongs to one of the Italian millionaires. At midnight, he lit torches on the walls of the castle, and the concert began. Spectacle unforgettable! Remarkably, this was not a private concert from the series "for his" strength could come into anyone. If we talk about Italy in general, there is an impression that everything is open to the people.

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