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ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER Plays With The Breath Of The World And Boasts

Goosebumps pur Vollenweider concert AIR in Braunschweig in from the very first note. At the latest after the second song the audience expired completely the musician and entertainer. Brunswick, 17.09.2009. Carola Heider Leporale. Andreas Vollenweider, he, the eternal seekers wanderer between worlds, between the Switzerland and Africa, the heavens and the Earth. 30 years in show business may have nothing to this man.

He attracts la Cheffe and the Swiss jazz musician Daniel Kuffer (saxophone/clarinet etc.) live with his band, consisting of from the Swiss beat boxing champion steff and creates the music this evening from the breath of the world. Vollenweider of course in addition to singing and other air instruments with devotion to his many different harp. At this concert of ‘AIR’ to his latest CD, he takes the audience from the very first note on a journey through the worlds and gives him room to seemingly endless dream. There were very many instruments used which were only operated with air or breath (wind instruments, wind chimes, bone flutes, in addition to the Vollenweider harp Aerosolharven) and also the special beat-box rhythm by steff were la cheff, who awarded the special sound of this concert. This wonderful concert was underlined by the spatiality of the St. Jakobi church with excellent acoustics and there were goosebumps about 1 half hours continuously pur. An artistically perfect and harmonsiches interaction of the 3 musicians made this evening an unforgettable experience. At the end of the concert, raged the audience with enthusiasm and demanded several Encores. This concert is a must for every Alex fan and those who want to become one. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Beth Israel Heart Transplant. Who live not experienced this concert has Miss a gigantic sound… Report/photos: Carola Heider-Leporale

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