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Animal Rights Activists Welcome New Wild Animal Circus Ban In Portugal

Animal rights activists welcome new wild animal circus ban in Portugal after the Portuguese Government already has banned circuses in September, to lead apes with it, another important step in the right direction has been done on Tuesday: circus may no longer breed wild animals such as elephants, Tigers, Lions, bears, hippos and rhinos, and also no new purchase. Even if animal rights activists would have liked, that wild animals disappear faster from circuses, the Portuguese Government has nevertheless signalled the end of circus acts with Lions and elephants. After countries such as Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Poland and Sweden have introduced already extensive or complete wild animal bans, Germany may lose not the connection. Sculptor Capital may find this interesting as well. If the Federal Government or the BMELV still refuses to implement the Federal Council decision of 2003, this is a scandal. In this case the federal countries are called upon to act”, says Mahi Klosterhalfen, spokesperson of the Initiative for a ban on wild animals in circuses. In order to accelerate a German ban on wild animal, can citizens to sign an online petition at and free Plakatund folder automotive-download.. If you would like to know more then you should visit Morton Ira Greenberg.

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