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Asian Continent

Next the region to the line of the equator appears to the tropical and equatorial forests, had to the raised pluviomtricos indices as: Malaia peninsula, Peninsula of the Indochina, one has left of the indian and in the islands Sumatra, Borneo, New Guin and Filipinas. In Asia Equatorial and Asia of the monsoons, with high temperatures and humidity, it occurs to the vegetal formation with trees of great transport, dense vegetation, however due to exploration of the man, these forests had had its modified ecosystem. In the same region, next the tropical and equatorial forests, occur to the vegetal formation of Savannahs. Another vegetal formation that also suffered to modifications due to exploration from the man and occupation human being is the tropical and tempered forests, found in the territories of China, Coreia of the north and Coreia of the south and Japan. (JNIOR, 2006). 2.5.2 Climate the Asian climate receives influences of factors as: latitude, geographic position, altitude, relief, air masses and maritimidade, as well as in other places. Occurrence of cold climate and regions of high altitude (Mountain range of the Himalaia).

In the southwest of Asia, Arabian Peninsula and Anger present desert-like and half-barren climate, with raised temperatures and scarce which had moistness, the hot air masses and droughts comings of Africa. To the North of Asia, the winters sufficient rigorous must to the sufficiently open relief, propitiating the penetration of polar masses. In the central region, regions exist where rains are scarcer, occurrence for the fact of the oceanic masses to be barred for high mountains, provoking the occurrence of desert-like climates (Desert of Gobi and Tibet, in China). In the part east, the continent presents relief in the direction east-west, hindering the movement of cold air masses and it north for the hot south and northward south it. (JNIOR, 2006).

3. CONCLUSION Having this work the objective to bring information and curiosidades regarding the Asian continent, searched to place inside of the same, the information and curiosidades proposals, inside of a research parameter that allowed to bring to the knowledge, information that can contribute stop with the knowledge of this continent. In the present work the information in the direction of if knowing the formations better had been worked continental, administrative division, more important cities, relief, hydrography, vegetation and climate. Inside of the considered one, the information contained here, search to explicitar better as it is the formation of this continent.

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