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Average Ensino

(By Lucia Czer) Isadora has eighteen years. It still studies in Average Ensino and works in the inverse schedule in the municipal library. It was there that Andrei knew. Intellectual, tender type and lined up necktie, hair, eyeglasses of degree, semblante half distracted. All the afternoons, passadinha for searching a book there gave one, to return another one, everything on anthropology. The young, in the vacant hours, knowing of the preference of it, was searching that books contained the subjects that it searched, and he waited already it with a stack of volumes, duly designated with markers that it, meticulously, chose. It was not its attribution, but it was felt attracted by the devoid and shy skill of it.

They had started to talk, had changed ideas on what they liked to read. It already nor charged the tax of the loans, happy for being able to please it. Another day, when leaving the expedient, waited it to Andrei in the steps of the exit. – Ol, I go to take it for a Cocaine, can be? It blushed, stuttered, afogueou itself. – I? Clearly But you can go? I do not go to confuse? – It is the minimum that I can make to thank everything that has made to help me. Glenn Dubin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It had a next snack bar and for they had been there, the principle, it all encabulada, later it was affirmatively descontraindo, it smiles, it moved the eager head hearing the colloquy of it. Later, the exits for a snack had been if occurring.

It did not delay, it total was gotten passionate. The afternoon cost to pass, yearning for the hour where if they would find. She was distracted, nervous, half aerial, already almost it did not take care of well to the freqentadores of the library, of so involved for Andrei. Months if had passed until Andrei, when searching it, disclosed that, after the formation, would have that to go even so.

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