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Babies and Children

“Wow, he (she) rose (rose)!” – You say the child’s parents at the meeting. The kid today is not like that crumb, which is pretty nozzles and fell asleep immediately after eating. It is increasingly playing, are interested in the outside world, learns of loved ones. From the third month of life crumbs, many parents are already administered in the diet of baby first solid foods. Click Robert Thomson to learn more. So you can give him a box and packed with Tetra Pak cartons or cans of a special 3 + juice (from the green apples, bright). You can teach another box – a juicer (already parents, of course).

You will make such a present, through which parents can not worry about the fact that the child is not getting enough vitamins. Good gift today will be children’s book of poems, quatrains, lullabies or rhymes. And let the baby is a poor understanding of their content, but it will certainly be glad to hear narrated by different voices rhymed lyrics. You can donate a variety of bright simple pictures on the wall. Looking at them with my mother and father a child at this age will already be quite interesting. This versatile toy as a present from this month become more diverse. Child will be interested not only rattles, but the rubber Tweeters, as well as special Soothers, facilitating the emergence of the first teeth (let them yet and are not going to come out). Worth create a small collection of toys of different shapes, made of different materials.

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