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Berlin Conference

Green meeting, sustainability and organic catering SELECT CATERING understands Green Economy is the answer to global challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity and rising energy demand. To the 3rd Berlin economic conference in Green Economy”were expected therefore in addition to a high-profile list of speakers also record number of 700 players from economy, science and politics. “” Special event consisted in the content: in addition to the Panel presentations by Mayor Klaus Wowereit, Harald Wolff Senator for Economics and the keynote by Peter Loscher, CEO of Siemens AG there were parallel a Berlin exhibition company about the innovative potential of the Green economy on the site and various specialized forums on intelligent mobility and logistics “or sustainable construction and renovation: building with future.” UVB President Burkhard Ischler said: key to success in the growth market of Green Economy are innovative ideas. That’s why our companies invest in the qualification of its employees and modern Equipment, and they are committed to meaningful sustainability: and exactly this happened at the same time behind the scenes, where the organic caterer select catering prepared the lunch buffet white barberries to roast beef, wild salmon in addition to smoked tofu on edible dishes. Our edible rye cups save transport and irrigation costs in this event for about 2500 plate, in addition to the quality of our organic products, this is only a stock of the Green economy, says event Director Ulrike Peters. The most important point is optimizing all logistical operations of the suppliers about the production kitchen to the venue back in the Commons, a fast-paced, colorful and fascinating process chain, for it requires resources of lots of and communication. Recycled packaging materials and reusable are enforced, currently being considered for news such as electric bikes and vans. BIO-catering culinary quality and ecological economic theory and practice. In this sense, Green Economy was the 3rd Berlin economic conference 2009″ already at the buffet a success.

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