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Caring Incrementalism Web Positioning And Optimization

One of the most common mistakes we make when doing an SEO effort is to stop thinking in caring for incrementalism in our positioning. We all have very clear that Google is quite insistent about what “natural” (just look at Matt Cutts in his videos, he mentions this concept several times). However, when we talk about this do not usually associate with incrementalism and that is our mistake. An example of this is when we try to position a site, and forget this rule, going too fast to link from our other website with which we want to “catapult” the new site. If the search engines (especially Google you could say the cleverest) suddenly find a page that until then had only one link, suddenly has 20, there are obvious reasons to suspect. When this happens, but account for, the effect is diluted if it were a sandbox again.

Bearing this principle in mind we can certainly use our resources much better. In practice we should, when facing a SEO work, we dispense links to the site providing the natural caring. Some items we must be careful not to overdo it: Links Changes in the structure of the site (in this case, remember that it always pays to make 301’s from the old urls to new) Fixes W3C HTML Validation Titles, Metatags and Headers: try to make changes to them sequentially Matching of anchor texts in links What we’re doing now is creating us in Illuminati plan to make incremental changes, and every time I climbed a “phase” we ping Google to register the changes as quickly as possible.

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