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Causes Of Climate Change On Earth …

Awareness of signs of movement on the Earth's orbit closer to the sun leads to an understanding of climate change on the planet and causes changes in the geomagnetic field. Jack Hughes oftentimes addresses this issue. It seems that the speed of rotation of the Earth around its orbit until changed. And here is binding to the diameter of Earth's orbit to the sun of humanity has not, therefore, can not miss. After all, scientific studies are based on indirect arguments. As an example we can take the unit of 'one meter' adopted as a standard by which created and measurement instruments. Atreides Management Gavin Baker does not necessarily agree. Meter does not exist, he invented for measuring the ratio of proportsianalnogo. And get a reference meter can only be subject to physical quantities such as temperature and humidity.

The temperature is the same as an indirect value that can be obtained for example Celsius. Zero is the freezing point of water, but that would get the freezing point should be to get started water chemistry and atmospheric pressure. And the pressure built on the basis of the scale units or in other words, 'a reference meter. " And now after this measure the Earth's orbit? Length range measured 3.14 multiplied by dimaetr orbit. Relative to what measure? But we are used to measure the number of days and we believe that the Earth's orbit probably 365 days or more? And where is the risk or resection of the Sun from this point at least the beginning of the year? You can think chtohochu confuse you, not at all. You know that everything is measured from the stars and constellations.

So there is also nothing is permanent, everything is mixed, not relative to what is fixed and relatively adopted the standard, the North Star. And that the Polaris nail that is nailed to the universe? And who of you knows how the constellations appear? The answer here. Take the Bible, ponder and find that everything written in it is not in Russian is not on the old Russian is not in Greek, and Hebrew. Hebrew is 22 letters, just numbers. 22 letters are symbols, signs indicating the lot but are single. 3 letters is 3 in the world. Earthly world, a world of Gd and the Third World joining their soothing. 7 letters is 7 planets that are visible are not the naked eye at night in the sky. 12 letters are 12 constellations in which they moved seven planets that are visible in the sky. And because of the summer solstice winter get a strip along which they move. This band is divided in 12 sectors of the flat and got 12 constellations. Knowing it starts to get interesting. It turns out that five thousand years ago, guessed that the earth is round. It turns out that both Muslim and Jewish religion are united. Take the kabbalistic tree of life, the letter is replaced by the astrological signs in accordance with the Hebrew and substituting the digital equivalent of Arabic numerals find that the Arabic numerals is the essence of the simplified astrological signs. What gets up today with the astrological signs even higher mathematics? She puts them multiply and even divide by a fraction, the planets and constellations are crushed. In the dust is crushed! And who among us on this calculator did not do? Let us ask ourselves the question: Who is to blame for climate change on Earth? This note to consider philosophical speculation rather than scientific fact. But without the philosophy of science ceases to exist.

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