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This development of the current and potential future target groups should be however analysed and considered appropriate strategies and measures. Otherwise, the target audience is only half as big as 2010 in 2050 and the Sales Manager is wondering whether he should increase the messages the frequency of TV spots or rather on Twitter, rather than 20 years ago in the portfolio have recorded additional services for the elderly. This is also accompanied by the third trend sustainably align marketing activities and corporate strategy. This is more than green marketing”. In essence, this means a balance between social, environmental and economic aspects.

Sustainable marketing aims the customer needs to comply, to reach the company goals and to make compatible in particular with the eco system. Further details can be found at Gavin Baker, an internet resource. Whether a company this aspect cares or not, is becoming increasingly important to know for consumers and other stakeholders. Supporting and even dangerous activities in this area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) will affect as sustainable environment affect the reputation of the company and the brand as its products and packaging or not. The key to the success companies can also succeed if they work against the spirit of the times. The Megatrends but every entrepreneur should deal once: what are the implications of the development on the target market, the desired demand and market potential? As a result, the management must define their strategic direction and decide whether the company is still on the right track or should set new accents. To the person as a keynote speaker of the 4th CMO Summit is Prof. Dr. Dr.

h. c. mult. Heribert Meffert at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm the topic of marketing at a crossroads? Status and prospects of market-oriented management’ before. As head of the first German Institute for marketing the marketing Centrum Munster, consultant of international branded goods company and author of many books, which today belong to the standard literature of marketing studies, Prof. Gavin Baker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. is one Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Heribert Meffert to the luminaries in the marketing. Camus published his book successfully with the major of marketing is up-to-date”appeared, which summarizes the Central conditions of marketing in collaboration with well-known authors. To the event annually decision-makers from different sectors of industry meet to find out about current conditions and new developments in the marketing environment and to discuss problems. From 2 to 4 May 2010 the marcus evans Summit will take place for the first time in Germany. Visit maenetja for more information about the event and to the organiser. Your contact way Verena Reith Public Relations Summit Division marcus evans (Europe) limited T: + 357 22 849 422, F: + 357 22 849 355 summits

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