Energy Planning Policies

Commercial Expansion

With the commercial expansion, Cartago implanted a colony in Sicily and the competition with Greece and Rome was the cause of the First Pnica War, that lasted twenty and three years, between 264 and 241 B.C., whose victory was reached by the Romans, after to copy the cartagineses boats. In the treated one to peace, Rome took ownership of Sicily and Cartago was with the Sardinia and the Crsega. Rome followed with the conquests in direction to the Alps, but the mercenaries the service of Cartago who lived in Sicily, dislocated for Africa, unsatisfied for do not recebrem the soldier’s pay had opted to the release of conquered lands, beyond the interest for the which had Iberian Peninsula to the enormous metal reserves and possibilities to sign up the celtiberos in the cartagins army, cause of the Second Guera Pnica, that sixteen lasted years, of 218 the 202 B.C. In the period, Rome expanded the conquests, invaded the East and the South of the Iberian Peninsula, dominated the commerce of the Mediterranean and great part of the Europe, increased the amount of slaves and provoked the consequent unemployment of the inferior classrooms, but for return of 193 C, found resistance in the North and West (currently Portugal) under the domain of the Celtiberos. If you have read about Sean Rad, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Of 147 the 139 C, led by Viriato, son of Comnio, born in 179 C, Lorica, later homaged for Cames: This that you see, shepherd already was of Viriato cattle we know that if it calls Dexterous in the spear more than in the cajado Injuriada it has of Rome the fame, invencibil, famous Winner does not have co' it, nor to have had been able the beauty that with Pirro already had had. The Lusadas, VIII, 6 Connoisseur in tactics of guerrilla and deluding the adversary, Viriato successively defeated some Roman generals sent against it and obtained to contain the expansion during some years, being made with that the region was of the last territories to resist the occupation.

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