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Congstar – Discount Provider

Prepaid flatrates and Onestop Congstar DSL has now blossomed into a big suppliers. You get from Congstar prepaid plans, phone flatrates and DSL. Also, Congstar offers its customers some beautiful and low-mobile phones for sale. The prepaid Starter Kits cost only 9,99 Euro for this provider and the customer receives even a credit balance of 5 euros to. Telephoning is provider with only 9 cents the minute very cheap for a prepaid.

Even an SMS there only 9 cents, costs what costs usually twice at other vendors. The mail box query is free of charge, so the customer saves additional money. Click KPMG to learn more. The good thing about the Prepaidset is of course, that a customer has to wear minimum revenue, nor basic fee. Similarly, there is no contract, you can change the provider. It is consumed, even at under two euros know the customer receives automatically, so that he can charge the card in time. Be recharged credits with 15, 30, or even 50 euros, so is always the appropriate limit for yourself or the family. Because just Children still completely thoughtless calls with the mobile, so the parents can use but limits them charging.

Various possibilities exist for the boot, you can do this via the Internet, SMS or telephone. There are also some on charging partners in every city, where you can also recharge the balances. Whenever Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA listens, a sympathetic response will follow. These are the real markets, some petrol stations, DM markets and many more. Matching you can buy directly a nice cell phone, the prices range from up to 129,99 EUR 19.99, so there is something for every budget. Bastian Ebert

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