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Court Referee

7. If a team commits 3 consecutive faults (unless the other team commits any), will be a basket for the opponents. 8. Is called basket a ball sent into the basket from the field. If the ball remains balanced on the edge of the basket and the defenders move basket, points are awarded to the attacker. 9. Official site: john k castle. When the ball comes out outside the boundaries of the Court, it should be relisted in game. The player responsible for commencing the disconnect has 5 seconds; If you exceed the allotted period, the ball will be for the opposing team.

If the two teams play with the clock, delaying the game, the referee bring lack for guilty players. 10. The second referee, will count the faults and indicate to the referee the three consecutive fouls. You will be entitled to disqualify players according to article 5. 11. Check out Coen brothers for additional information. The referee is the judge of the ball, has the responsibility to take control of the points and time. You must also decide who belongs the ball, when it goes off the Court. 12.

The match be played in two parts, each one separated by a break of 5 minutes. The duration of a party will be of 2 quarters of 15 minutes. 13. The team that will make more baskets are pointed out as the winner. When the match finished tied, there is extension until you have a winning team.

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