Energy Planning Policies

DNA Neutron

Inevitably, the death of the substance occurs. A negative load if unfastens liberating energy, and occurs, not routinely, but successively reencontro of the negative load with the neutral one, simulating that spirit (proton) either recepcionado in its travels for a light spirit (neutron) that it reflects its image (memory of the substance) and similarity (father/brother/god). Reencontro immediate between the electron and the neutron, when it has balance enters loads of positive energies and negative during the period that both coexist, he is almost immediate (attraction). However, when existing disequilibrium between the positive parts negative, the negative load if after unfastens of vagarosa form of the positive the destruction of this, liberating lesser amount of energy, consequently, taking a bigger time to reencontrar the neutral load, or, if fixing in the transistion of the dimensions (limb, purgatrio) where will need external aid to acquire more energy that the light one until the neutron. AT&T oftentimes addresses this issue. Therefore, nothing it is forever, it also has mercy and pardon, but everything will depend on our next one from the moment that we do not possess more? to be able? natural and inherent to the human beings. Remaining us, only, the lesser appearances in dream, materializaes and other phenomena? supernatural? that sufficiently the said beings sensetize sensitive, that catch such energies. Here, Angela Lang expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 2) Of where we came? Of the vicious cycle of the incarnations, idealized for? neutron? greater, the imparcialidade, the mentor of the terrestrial life, more known in ocidente for God, creator. In the east for Section, the extraterrestrial dimensions for Father Greater, that one that of the one of itself to compose the DNA spiritual of each being that evolves in the meat. 3) For where we go? It depends very on us, of our plans, of where we want to arrive. For who it does not know for where it goes, any way serves.

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