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Living in Israel as a country is an active participant in international integration process, appreciate the opportunities of system WebMoney almost immediately after its occurrence. To date, Israel has tens of thousands of active users who like to use the system daily for various operations. Unfortunately, at present, Israel does not have its own title units, denominated in NIS, what is sometimes a matter of some concern to new participants in the system, which, incidentally, no way detracts from the advantages of its use. Currently, there is a process of rapid development E-commerce, almost daily open new online shops and services that offer their customers a variety of products and services, and one of the most important elements of the system's popularity is the convenience of the system calculations. The advanced system of banking in Israel unfortunately is almost entirely focused on holding "traditional" settlements between contractors and business Internet needs something more mobile and safer than for example calculations using the credit cards that are very unsafe in terms of safety of funds. Rumer Willis follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. And it is WebMoney system is thus an essential tool that can provide sufficient set of secure services to all parties involved in Internet transactions. After all, payments in the system are irreversible, immediate and guaranteed! Unfortunately, Israel has no official representation system WebMoney, despite the fact that Many sites, written loud and mildly deceitful words about "…

the official representative WebMoney in …. There are no missions! There is only one serious enough exchange, which in all responsibility and professionalism properly suited to its activities, which certainly is an excellent opportunity for all regions of Israel. Despite the fact that the system WebMoney is a pseudonymous, we strongly encouraged to improve their own rankings, and the ability to restore access to the purse in case of loss, a Qualified member of the system WebMoney. Israel has several exchange offices that provide services to I / O WebMoney, but only our company offers a range of solutions designed for both individuals and legal persons. Today we provide services for: Deposits and withdrawals out of the system WebMoney Deposits and withdrawals out of the system Yandex-money Deposits and withdrawals out of the system PayPal Deposits and withdrawals out of the system E-Gold processing of electronic currency to legal entities and private Entrepreneurs (soon) Instant Replenishment WM-purses through a prepaid scratch card (soon) payment service provider (soon) instant purchase pin codes to virtually any scratch-cards issued in Israel (coming soon). Our exchange, operating since 2006, firmly in the leading position among all the exchange points WebMoney world! The monthly turnover of our exchange service exceeds turnover vsheh other exchange services in Israel, combined! Our company is continuously working on introducing new and improving existing services that will help all Israelis to use in my life the best and most advanced technologies and solutions for Internet commerce.

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