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Expand Media Fabric

Seamlessly to the perfect picture and high-quality appearance. See Dave Kingman for more details and insights. The expand media fabric is the high-quality folding on the market! No matter what size is chosen, the motive or the advertising message is always presented without motive seam. It is given no inch of advertising space on the system and so an optimal and consistent appearance. The sides can be fitted with printing and completed completely consistent fashion so the overall picture. The possibilities for the expand media fabric are very versatile, especially since there are many different sizes, so that the available space can always best be used. Whether from 3 up to 15 fields in straight or from 9 to 15 fields in curved version, the attractive folding cuts a good figure in any size at trade shows, promotions and at the point of sale. In addition to the noble optics, the folding wall system proves to be as highly practicable.

By the light but nevertheless stable slidable lattice grate system can the folding wall, regardless of the size of a person without additional Tool and will be built in the shortest time (approx. 1 min). The printed fabric is mounted by means of adhesive tape on the advertising space. Transportation can be carried out simply and can be carried by the practical transport bag that comes with the system, with a car. This underlines the mobility of the folding wall and it is predestined for the project business.

The expand media fabric is excellent as a basis for a mobile stand. A fully functional bar, which is also equipped with a high-quality textile printing due to the reconstruction of the carrying bag in just a few minutes. The LA CONCEPT Deluxe set of promotional shows, for example, by adding two elements (here brochure holder and Terminal) the folding can be expanded to a complete stand.

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