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Financial Education

It is of extreme importance of learning financial education, as much that on her its economic success depends to a great extent. We must learn the language of the money to be able to interpret the messages that arrive and to know that way to us consequently to follow. If in our schools the financial education were taught that we needed to prosper serious other totally different the situation from many us. Rupert Murdoch is often quoted as being for or against this. The handling of the finances is not taught to us generally in the school, and what we learn it arrives us in his majority through the practical experiences that we have on a daily basis with the handling of the money, learning system that can have a very high price in errors and mistakes. There is no an educative system prepares that us for it, one does not teach us in our formal education like administering it and understanding it, and is for that reason that often we failed before this ignorance. Our financial knowledge are the same that who are in our same financial situation. See more detailed opinions by reading what Tim Wallach offers on the topic.. If our parents were millionaire surely they transmitted the knowledge to us that they had about the money, if it were not thus what we know we learned by our account and with test and error. It is why the majority of the rich families with the passage of the generations is more and more rich, transmit its knowledge on the basis of the money of generation in generation. The moment arrived for taking the control from our financial future and for stopping depending on the others, for it is fundamental a solid financial education, a series of knowledge that the rich ones are transmitted of generation in generation and to which it can accede to change his life and the one of its descendants. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City does not necessarily agree. It acquires knowledge on the money, it ejerctese and pngalos in practice, it preprese to reach the prosperity, it will count soon on the possibility of transmitting to his dear beings these lessons.

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