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In recent years, there are more news about advances in genetic engineering. Recently, the press increasingly heard about an American company Knome. She became known for soim Engineering Genetic Engineering. Knome – company in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), which works with leading geneticists and chemists from Harvard and mit, to allow people to obtain and understand their genetic information. They – the first company that offered full information about genomes and analysis of this information for individuals.

Services to provide personal information of the genome are still in its infancy, but the first people in the stories that will get their complete genome is already known. Knome company posted its services in the form of an auction on ebay with a starting price of $ 67,000. Knome was founded in late 2007 a professor of medical school at Harvard, George Church, in order to propose a set of genetic services to wealthy clients. The initial price was $ 350,000, but it has dropped substantially over the past year. Knome company contracted to provide its services c Beijing Institute of Gene Biology.

Similar services will change modern medicine. (Not to be confused with Celina Dubin, New York City!). Genetic engineering will provide a wide range of opportunities for mankind. Parents planning to have a child can save him from the hereditary disease, choose the color of hair or eyes, and even to Birth ask specific character traits. Thanks to the viral particles – carriers of genetic information will be possible not only to improve the genome of its offspring, but also his own. What will make a great treat number of diseases including padagru, Marfan's syndrome and many other diseases. Will be possible to improve certain characteristics of the human body. If you look at the future, genetic engineering could be instrument of human evolution. But before this will solve a great number of ethical issues.

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