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Good Moment to be pregnant: The common questions but with respect to the pregnancy are in which ideal moment one can be pregnant. Atreveriamos not to say the day to us of Christmas, in the day of the mother, worse even in the day of the enamored ones. For this, the woman must be ready with the mathematical ones, if they feel desire to conceive, having like main norm the dates of ovulation. Then, another question but that comes to our mind. To that hour we can calculate the crucial moment. Those that is good in mathematical, not sera no problem for them, but others tendran that to look for an ovulation calculator. It is of extreme importance of knowing our body thorough and as it really works, with the unique intention of knowing the date key of the ovulation.

" Time of ovulacin" it is the day of the ovulation and the first cycle of menstruation. This forms of fourteen days, that are of the woman in most of they, spent the fourteen days of ovulation, begins the period. What we want to know now, is the final date of the following period. When again we count twelve to sixteen days as of this date, it is possibly that of the day of the ovulation. In order to know this subject the simple form but, the ovule begins to form at the end of the menstrual period, in 8 and the 12 days this in its summit.

Now if we can say that the possibility of being pregnant is very high Now we change the exploration of the woman towards the man. If they have sexual relations of form not so frequent, sera very certainly the intensity of the spermatozoon is very low. The count of spermatozoa can that is smaller, so it is requested for the fertility level. It is why, the rate of motilidad of the sperm podria to occur by obtruido. Said this, if the sexual union is not so frequent, we have the probability that the spermatozoa get to be very obsolete. We must indicate that, therefore they are followed step by step what already we mentioned, can that does not get to be pregnant. Before this fact, we can obtar by the natural techniques that will be able to help to find the point real of the problem, and give the exact remedy for this problem. In order to have an ample information, that us it facilitates the book of a writer, who is investigator, consultant in nutrition and it is dedicated to the creation of a final solution to guarantee a natural pregnancy. Its Web site obtains more data visiting:

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