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Anyway, the Secretary general of UGT showed contrary to a process on wind energy development in the region that altered the Energy Plan that had already been approved by the Parliament of Cantabria and that his opinion should have been undertaken once made the Plan of arrangement of the territory. Therefore, Cedrun believed that wind development has gone in fudge at fudge, generating some mistrust, while most of the cantabri is in favour of renewable energies. There have been many elements of confusion with things that have been said; as that wind development is a key factor for change of productive module when it is not or that were with him were going to generate, how he came to say, thousands and thousands of jobs when they were figures distorted, since as much employment is generated in the installation but not later in maintenance, He explained. The regional head of UGT recalled that the Union is not opposed to wind energy, but has always opted for the renewable energy, particularly biomass, which would attach to the population in a territory, boosting rural areas in an alternative that generates wealth and jobs, he stressed. In this sense, the trade unionist, regretted that the Government of Cantabria has become so obsessed with wind energy which has forgotten other options for us much more beneficial as the biomass plants.

Produce energy or not for his part, the President of CEOE-Cepyme, Miguel Mirones, appealed to be knowledgeable and consequential damages of which may imply not be producing energy in Cantabria and others Yes you are, that would give production quota to other regions. Onlookers said that while in Spain the debate is what kind of energy more interested in the country, in Cantabria debate is occurs if energy or do not. Against this, and in his opinion, the region has to devote its efforts to that occurs, and more with the energy deficit we have.

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