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Europeans it is reasonable to believe that given the political situation in these countries, the question of their membership in NATO to put, at least, premature. Part of the European political establishment, especially in the so-called "old" Europe, generally questioned the appropriateness of such a move in the foreseeable future, since this will inevitably lead to unnecessary tensions at the eastern borders of the EU. No wonder at the Bucharest summit leaders Germany, France and other European countries unequivocally opposed the accession of Ukraine and Georgia to participate in the program to prepare these countries for NATO membership. And, as recent events have shown, they were absolutely right. With NATO in such "soyuznichkov" against the will can be very easily be drawn into any armed conflict. You can add to this list as a serious illness of the American economy, from which affected all countries in our interconnected world, including Europe, whose exchange every now and then shaken by storms that originated overseas. There are a number of other things that make European policy makers seriously reflect on a more independent foreign policy, for further follow in the footsteps of American foreign policy could lead them into a quagmire. The next aspect arising from the five-day war On the issue of accountability for war crimes.

Currently, the Hague tribunal littered with claims of Ossetians by the Georgian government to bring to account the requirements of the mini-Hitler twenty-first century. Recently there were persistent rumors that the mandate of the Hague Tribunal will not be extended, as in an investigation on the basis of the Yugoslav conflict, the ICTY has been, to put it mildly, not always objective and impartial to all parties to the conflict. This is also testified, and former chairman of the tribunal Carla del Ponte. But now it looks like unemployment, the judges are not threatened. Hopefully, the investigation on the basis of five-day war will be held properly, and Saakashvili appeared in court international tribunal.

Too high price to pay for the indulgence of the aggressor. All is well remembered, what has this policy in the twentieth century. All napoleonchiki potential must be aware that the punishment will inevitably follow. Otherwise, sooner or later Europe and the world again drown in rivers of blood, and their descendants will curse us, who failed to stop the infection in primary stage. We should not hope that Saakashvili – exception to the rule in Europe is no longer the leaders who are capable of such adventures. Suffice it to recall how a few days after the start of the conflict, having the complete information about who is the real aggressor, the leaders of Poland, Estonia and Ukraine have demonstrated their solidarity in Tbilisi with Saakashvili. That is, at least, the leaders of the two EU countries, while and non-NATO members share the methods and means applied by the Saakashvili regime to solve political problems. This means that the ground for the spread of this infection in Europe have. I wonder how they will look politicians and their "solidarity visit" in the eyes of its own voters, if the Hague Tribunal recognizes Saakashvili as a war criminal. As for the actions of Americans, it remains only to express deep regret that children and grandchildren winners have sunk to support fascism openly pro-fascist regime, which is the Saakashvili regime, betraying the memory of fathers and the ideals of democracy, the values which they so jealously defended in words.

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