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In the G1 vestibule (available in: ) we find the following consideraes regarding Beautiful Mount: ‘ ‘ Although it has installed capacity of 11 a thousand MW, what it will become it the second bigger hydroelectric plant of the country, Beauty Mount has firm energy (that it can be assured already foreseeing the periods of drought) of 4,4 a thousand MW, 40% of the capacity. In the biggest plant of country, the binational Itaipu, that have 14 a thousand MW of capacity, the firm energy represents 61%. In the second greater currently, Tucuru – that it will lose the position for Beautiful Mount -, the percentage is of 49%.’ ‘ With this in mind let us launch us it some consideraes: First agreeing that the current world to continue not alone if developing, but to keep the current period of training of necessary comfort to produce more energy. But this does not imply where is energy produced from the ambient degradation (nor we want remembering in them Chernobyl and or the disasters of Japan). if to consider that the Amazonian rivers are with few waters in the time of the droughts, we have that to admit that ‘ ‘ something is rotten in balaio’ ‘. It is of if finding odd the irrelevant determination in if constructing hydroelectric plants in the Amaznia. At least these of gigantic transport.

Therefore the investigation: one is about energy search or exist reasons inconfessados in the motivations for the construction of the plants? The defenders of the hydroelectric plants speak of ‘ ‘ energy limpa’ ‘ , but the ambient aggression for the construction and the reservoirs is enormous. Without counting, in the case of the plants in Amazonian lands, the destruction of secular spaces destined not only the aboriginal peoples, agriculturists and pecuaristas, as of the marginal peoples. From there the question: that clean energy is this? What they are wanting to say with clean energy? Who will be ‘ ‘ limpado’ ‘ with the construction of the hydroelectric plant? Another aspect would be of the question: Which will be the true cost of these workmanships? The shown budgets mention the effective price to it of the workmanship or in it are enclosed the values that will be deviated? The interest in the construction if must to the necessity of energy production or to the fact of that this type of workmanship opens countless possibilities to make the money bleeding to gush out for safes, luggages, stockings and underwears that are to the wait? If the concern is energy production, because little takes in consideration other energy matrices? If concern is effectively to produce energy and of clean form, because it does not argue with seriousness other cleaner and less aggressive sources to the environment and with lesser risk of scarcity? Already we know of the aeolian and solar potential, in our country. Because these power plants better are not considered and more used? It will be because they are cheap and wide accessible sources? Wind and sun we have the entire year in our country, because they continue being menosprezados as potential source and of energy? Exactly that the production costs are high, if had honesty between that thinks the production of energy for the country, would have to look at for the ecological profit, compared with the ambient loss, derivative of the hydroelectric plants. Neri de Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historiador..

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