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Both emotional as well legally deal with a divorce divorce almost every third marriage in Germany, in large cities, the divorce rate is 50% – tendency rising. However, spouses are often completely unprepared faced with the issue of divorce. You get both legal and emotional hardship, orientation is required in the. The Chief Advisor, “The divorce” by Otfried Dahme and Dr. David Zaslav may not feel the same. Annegret Wiese satisfies both. As a single book focusing on legal and psychological, he answered the common legal issues as well as he helps to cope on the emotional level with the psychological situation of exception. Know what the two authors, both psychologically and legally trained, they write: establishing your Advisor is based on the timing of a separation and provides important tips to the new maintenance law 2008 short quotes by interested parties illustrate the multiple problems during a separation crisis. Content: prior to the separation: marriage counseling – family therapy / the separation: the legislation and its consequences – Rechtsanwaltschaftliche support / separation pain and crisis in the role as a wife / divorce: The legal requirements – psychological factors – maintenance – rights – pension supply off the same – tax issues / after the divorce: appeal – insurance – mental situation – the divorce a crisis and an opportunity . Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc is actively involved in the matter.

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