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If The Sky Glows

Pyro star Magic Festival starts on May 1, 2010 in the Olga Park good luck a glance into the sky over Oberhausen comes from above will tell on May 1: Gold rain, fire fountains and cascades of sparks appear as magnificent silver lining on the horizon. The brilliant ideas that provide three professional pyrotechnicians. Join at the Pyro Festival Star magic”against each other in order to show what looks like a firework in perfection. Gerd Gollner organizer of the energy reaches Musikverlag Herne again for the stars, which are made of gunpowder and fire sparks. Already last year more than 7,000 Oberhausen at the star magic into a frenzy of fireworks were staggered. Now there is a new edition of the contest by top pyrotechnicians to the throne. While the Pyro professionals with full concentration, total light a ton of dynamite, the audience may just enjoy. Tens of thousands of lights meet at the black and let it so some viewers will warm to the heart.

To chase the audience goosebumps, after another on the back, this is the high art of pyrotechnics. The music gives the kick: to match unfold on the night sky the fire volleys to the musical accents. A highlight for eye and ear. Over 100 meters high rise some of firecrackers into the air while others lick at the bottom, hiss and melt away in a sea of fire. Around 20 minutes each pyrotechnician has time to show his choreography prepared in months of work. Which of the three protagonists of the emotional spark best jumped over, decides a jury. In a total of twelve German cities, Star magic can be seen in this year. Oberhausen is the first station.

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