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Ingrid Betancourt

This March the relations almost are broken again as a result of the Colombian bombing on Ecuadorian territory that Raul lead to the death of the chancellor Kings of the CRAF. Chvez mobilized 10 battalions to the border with its western neighbor and spoke to break relations commercial diplomats and with Colombia or to nationalize the industralists who operate in their country. However, Uribe refused to respond mobilizing its troops before its neighbors and soon Chvez urged to Grouse and Strap to greet it in an international summit. In a while the tension was very strong. Uribe noticed its homologous llanero would denounce that it before the international court by crimes of sponsorship to the terrorism and showed to have laptops where supposedly it was revealed that Caracas financed or protected the CRAF. Chvez him retruc that the Colombian president was a lying one, gangster the worse one than To the Capone, narcotics detective and footman of the empire.

The tone went away lowering to root that Chvez gave a turn before the CRAF. At beginnings of the year proposed to recognize these like belligerent forces but after the death of three of his seven secretaries (including a its Tirofijo leader and to its chancellor Kings) and the ascent of the internal popularity of Uribe, it turned calling to the CRAF to that they stopped of the armed warfare labeling it as obsolete and that they would release to all the 700 hostages whom they have of unconditional way and in exchange for anything . The liberation of Betancourt Chvez hardly did this last one I raise and the rest of leftist governments of the region would mark more distances before the CRAF took place the sudden rescue of Ingrid Betancourt. The official version adduces an extraordinary work of intelligence in which the experienced and tanned guerrilla more of the hemisphere was deceived Olympically and lost her jewels of the crown (its main hostage and the unique North American prisoners that she had) without shooting a shot (something opposite to which she happened when the army before failed when wanting to before rescue to 11 deputies and an ex- minister).

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