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Differences between notebooks and Mini PC laptops Mini PC laptops are the latest trend in the computer industry. What are the differences and what are the pros and cons between a Mini PC laptop and the traditional notebook? Who and when should you opt for a Mini PC laptop? What distinguishes a laptop from a Mini PC laptop? A laptop or notebook is a portable computer with the following product features: screen size: 12-19 inch processor: Intel Pentium dual-core, core 2 Duo or AMD Turion X 2 graphics: integrated or external graphics card Intel GMA x 3100 up to AMD mobility HD 3870 X 2 weight: 1.9 kg and more a Mini PC laptop is a laptop in the abgeschlankter form. With the Asus Eee PC 700, ASUS has developed the first Mini PC laptop in 2007. Meanwhile, all major computer manufacturers have their own mini PC laptop models. (A valuable related resource: Donna Summer). Mini PC laptops are characterized by: screen size: 12 inches maximum processor: VIA C7 1.2 GHz, Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz or AMD Geode 800 MHz graphics: integrated graphics card, the most Intel GMA 900 or 950 weight: 1.1 kg and less 1. The screen: With notebook screens, average size 14.1 15.4 inch, can you watch movies and need man not overly tiring his eyes. With screen sizes under 12 inches and sensitive it can be difficult to create documents on the computer. 2.

the processor: The processor is very important because it ensures the screen content. The faster the processor, the faster a site is loaded. If you regularly visit sites like you tube (much Flash and JavScript), you know slow these pages load as for example pages at Wikipedia or in forums. With a slow processor, it can happen easily that if you open too many Windows, the browser gets stuck. Mini PC laptops weak, low-power processors used to extend battery life. 3. graphics card: If you are looking for a computer for PC games, you can have the Mini PC laptop out.

The graphics card is too slow. Some say that you have installed world of Warcraft on your Mini PC laptop. But how can you with a slow video card ever have the joy of this game? Notebooks, however, have even cheaper models, faster graphics cards and all, not too sophisticated games that can be played. 4. weight: Here the Mini PC laptop clearly the advantage 10 inch computer. With its low weight and small screen you can take really anywhere it. Mini PC laptops are the notebooks as regards portability clearly superior. On average, you are only half as much. Together with the power supply usually not more than 1.5 kilos. Mini PC laptop or notebook? Finally everything depends on what you need the computer. As a lover of movies and PC games, you should decide for a notebook. If you surf in the Internet and create only short documents you have enough of a Mini PC laptop. However, forget not the smaller keyboard. Up on some take out most Mini PC laptops for long types are less suitable. Manfred schillings

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