Energy Planning Policies

Internal Energy

On many occasions we have heard the term energy and we associate it with the ability to develop specific actions, the truth is that all people have the same level of internal energy as well as the time, all have the same 24 hours a day, the difference lies in how we are using our energy and our time for the achievement of our goals, we see people who seem to live a life more balanced than others, what is the secret, how to employ his energy?, initially we need to know that the only use of the senses already consumes some level of energy, for example if we cross through the Park and we find three different friends and we stop to talk awhile, we have already consumed some energyfirst energy on what we talk about, since what they affirm is generating power in our life, for example, if we say that the facilities for doing business and money are the order of the day, employ energy in these claims and if do that continually occur that after some time we’ll create that reality and what at the beginning was Word now is reality, we are making money and business with ease, the words have real power, it is why we must be very careful about what we say because we affirm to others but mostly to ourselves. Now think of that after talking with our friends good-bye, hence they spend four hours and someone asks us how were dresses your friends? We think a little and say, I think that one of them was white shirt, another walked a jean the truth can not remember very well, if we consider that the fact to remember requires a certain power level, we see therefore that there has been consumed another level of energy, now think of the possibility that the person who found her friends in the Park remembers nothing consciously on the clothes of his friends, but what happens at the subconscious level?, if that person submit to a process of hypnosis we will realize that that person is able to describe in detail the clothes of each of friends, this means that unconsciously is always consuming some level of energy, but here is something interesting, why certain people remember something more easily with respect to others? The answer to this lies in the care Act; that is, what is our real interest, in the event that we mentioned previously we can clearly see that the person who has a stronger in the conscious mind memory has used more energy than who has done only at the unconscious level, what kind of person could be this?, the question isn’t easy to answer because there are different habits in each one of the peoplefor example, if the individual is someone interested in fashion, you have a clothing store, is someone who thinks that the presentation is essential, etc.

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