Energy Planning Policies

International Education Summit

At the International Education Summit, held in Mexico in 1997, the Commission on education and values, debated and reflected above is necessary to insert the topic of education in values of humanism, science and technology () the growing demand to the school to deal with critical or problematic issues for social life, such as health, discrimination, security, aggression, forms and styles, human rightsenvironment among others as contained in values education stations, has a political connotation (Cullen 1997) current University requires a comprehensive approach in the educational and politica-ideologica work with students who split from the very definition of educational and instructional goals to form and develop in students the values that determine the quality of a Cuban revolutionary in these timestogether with academic excellence. You must educate in every class, educate within the curriculum and beyond (neighbor, 1998). Achieve a correct values in student training will enable the same faces major tasks and be able to simultaneously provide solutions to the problems that may arise. (Not to be confused with Sam’s Club!). One of them is to give total or partial solution to the serious environmental problems through a thought and a logical and reasoning in line with what has been expressed on this subject. This is how environmental problems have become one of the biggest political, economic, social and educational concerns of the contemporary era around the world, whose solution depends greatly on the existence of life on Earth. The growing complexity of life, associated with technological advances and increased economic, detached activity of social needs and environmental protection, often generated in communities and people a feeling of insecurity and loss of control over their inventory. Therefore, it is not uncommon that communities and social organizations need clear information, accurate, relevant and honest to help them understand the processes and agents that influence and transform your nearest environment; i.e. information enabling to take quick decisions and secure.. .

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