Energy Planning Policies

Juan Carlos

It well reflected you yourself with the similarity of the thirteen councilmen of long ago and those of now: unlike the solidarity of then, that now it eludes until the own mayor. As well as, possibly, they would understand the urgent and respectful necessity of, pacifically, continuing climbing in the summit of the equitable distribution that glorifies the equality that is born from the world-wide productivity and its resources, to the benefit of the own social equality. A production in mass: partisan, nonequitable, it would be equivalent a to submerge to the society in the past of new rich: accurate and virtual: of rendered and profiteer, so they have been forged in brings back to consciousness working of the last decades. For unequivocal drag to an extraordinary misery, it hides, but that like a ghost that nothing in the unreality us has waked up the world-wide crisis Consequently, to the homes, mainly of youth: that they have not come from the tip of the clerical stork, but of the hand of the fight of classes and the social democracy;and they have not known the barbarism the necessity – I, that she consists, yes the one of wastefulness Am not possible either that they feel and they will feel the erroneous sensation of a global economic wealth that, unfortunately, will not happen, as the recent crisis has opened, of already mentioned potentiality. It would increase in multinational fusions and, consequently, the decrease of rights to the weak one and in real exhibition to the future over-exploitation of the masses. The new generations, in good measurement, entered in also the new fashions of consumption and enjoys bad, good and less bad dowries than us have brought the globalisation, do not know the more recent historical reality of the locality that now, to them lodges: policies and classes, labor conditions and of alms For this reason, would be of much, very many benefit that a historian, in spite of the multiple ties that the own local representation, you argue that it places in the way, continued traveseando pockets and jumping the fences that would be to take to show the historical and cultural doctrine to him, and to expose it to ears and eyes of the new generations.Therefore, iluso of me, I anticipate that to many citizens of the future and they jeopardize with the own future, would like to know why today the list is received, lucky person has that it, to thirty days of beginning of the development of the labor activity, and then, unskilled labour was received to the day: it digs, it harvests, harvesting of olive, etc., or in opposite, in house of the poor man and his family, did not eat Then it dominated bourgeois absolutism, that concluded day 13 of April of 1931, with the march, " volunteer: lack of supports in elections locales" of King Borbn: grandfathers of the present Juan Carlos: Alfonso XIII.

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