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Libyan Rebels

The United States is with the Libyan town while it continues his way towards a genuine democracy, says Clinton. Sarkozy is underlining the value of the democracy like cohesionador. There is interest to defrost the Libyan bottoms for the reconstruction. The American Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, asked that Thursday the representatives of the Libyan Council National of Transicin (CNT) who protect the reserves of existing arms in the country, indicated this Thursday American official sources. Clinton, that participated in Paris in the international conference from support to Libya, talked about so much to the reserves that are in the hands of the rebels like the those pertaining to the militias of colonel Muamar Gadafi. The American representative considered in his speech that the best way to help that country to undertake the transition towards the democracy, is to obtain the reconciliation with the forces of Gadafi. Also, he put the accent in which that transition must carry out with coordination between the National Council of Transicin (CNT) and its partners international that supports to him.

Pursuit of fence " The United States is with the Libyan town while genuina&quot continues its way towards a democracy; , according to the department of State shortly before the summit of Paris was outstanding. Present sources of the Spanish Embassy in France in this summit told that the necessity of a strong cooperation of the international community had been put in evidence, in rrencia the recognition of the CNT. In the same line, they added that also it was necessary to carry out a fence pursuit to arrive at a good destiny because to win the war is not a guarantee to gain La Paz. " Reconciliation and perdn" On the other hand, the French president, Nicholas Sarkozy, emphasized the necessity to start up " a process of reconciliation and perdn" in Libya not to repeat the errors of the past, in the summit organized in Paris for the reconstruction of the North African country. .

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