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400 kilometers of hiking trails on 160 square kilometers if leisurely walks and hikes for connoisseurs in the Oberland or challenging mountain tours for experienced hikers: Liechtenstein natural beauties can be many metres above sea level hike up. With the plethora of hiking trails in the Principality of active vacationers can be 14 days on the road easily without to cast on the same routes. Liechtenstein heights classic is considered to be the Liechtenstein panoramic way. In the framework of a three to four day tour he combines ridges, peak experiences, mountain huts and panoramas of the Ratikon surrounded by Alpine splendour to Lake Constance. The stages can be planned as day trips.

For beginners and flower lovers Furstin Gina-WEG is the kick-off one of the most beautiful and most promising ridge trails in Alpine heights. Far into the summer months into spring flowers such as the deep purple Devil’s claw, bright yellow brown and the spring gentian bloom here. Herbs such as the small-leaved Mountain thyme or the wild Marjoram, Sorrel and catnip flourish on rocky barren, partly humid mountain slopes. The starting point is the Sareiserjoch at 2,000 meters u.M., which can be easily reached via the mountain resort of Malbun and the Malbun-Sareis chairlift. From there, sweeping views over the Summit panorama of the mountains of the border triangle Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland. About the Augstenberg on 2,360 meters u.M. a well secured mountain trail along the ridge over flower-filled grass Borden to the Pfalzerhutte 2.108 metres leads down. If you’re planning a day trip only, takes the round route alternative at this point and goes in one and a half hours on a marked trail over flowering Alpine meadows back down to the starting point to Malbun. Who wants to climb other peaks on the Panorama Trail, is an ideal first accommodation in Pfalzerhutte. In the synchronism with the via Alpina, it continues through the northern flank of Naafkopf via the second towards the pier, where the mountain guesthouse Sucka directly on the side of the road is a Alpelti Accommodation grants.

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