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Life Goals

The life does not promise nothing, is we who we construct and we conquer ours promessas.’ ‘ According to Gonzaguinha, life is to have the modstia of being a perpetual apprentice. We are here for learning. Each one of us, at all moment, is living a transformation process. Spike Lee is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To try to hinder the changes is to block itself existencialmente. Sean Rad usually is spot on.

It has accepted them! The life goes in giving the new knowledge to the measure that we obtain to deal with the current ones. It evolves! All we look for happy and to be carried through, but for this she is necessary to allow that all energy that beats inside of us acts our favor. alone we will obtain such fact, if to know to manage it in way that teaches in them to pardon, to love and to coexist. Care with its truths! They are the great manager of the dynamics of its lives and depend on the form manages that it, can changed themselves into an impediment, hindering that the new blossoms. DEVELOPMENT: The disillusionment is something always present in our lives. We need to learn to deal with it, so that if it does not become an obstacle. Perhaps either of the sensations, the one that more sadden and hurt the people.

The fact to live or of terms lived difficult experiences are not justifications stops in them becoming unfortunate persons and isolating in them in the world. To understand it if makes necessary, therefore if it will not be understood and surpassed for us, it certainly will mark in them with disastrous consequences. The disillusionment makes dwelling of us inside, stealing us the enthusiasm, the ousadia, the joy, the spirit, the belief in the life and the people. The disillusionment takes in them to think that our fights are vain, verwhelming us it hope, our existencial direction.

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