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Makeup For The Facade

Natural solid wood facades are silvery grey over time. So that the process is proceeding uniformly there is now a special glaze of graying. (tdx) Untreated wooden facades have a shimmering silver-grey patina that gives the House a very special shine during their aging process through weathering. Unfortunately, this natural greying process usually not at all points is equally pronounced. The patina is weakest, in areas that are largely protected from the Sun, for example under the roof overhang, while she most home page to the Sonnenzugewandten view.

These irregularities can be balanced, there is now a graying glaze of Pinus, with the solid wood profiles are treated at the factory. If you have read about figs scrubs already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It provides the typical, attractive patina from the outset and at every point. The glaze is water-based and creates a porous, breathable surface of facade cladding. Applied is preferably in the Siberian larch wood profile of Pinus. This she assumes no protective function for the wood but since this should still go through the natural greying process. Who wants a permanently coloured solid wood facade in rich colours prefer instead the natural greying, the Pinus holds for pretreated profiles with wood color Lignucolor. See figs apparel for more details and insights. Thanks to the factory surface treatment creates a uniform paint application, which makes each facade catch the eye. BU: The graying glaze provides a shimmering silver-grey patina from the outset. Image: tdx/Pinus Tanja Est

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