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Making More Sales

Why choose a Wal Mart instead of the small business next door? Everything has to do with credibility. Robert A. Iger has similar goals. These large companies direct their advertising campaigns to the masses. Are positioned in the market with such frequency that consumers, when going to a supermarket and see your product, instantly recognizes him. That credibility is built through paid advertising. But our business is not so. We do not have pockets fattened to announce that often.

Therefore, the process of creating credibility starts when the customer comes in contact with your company for the first time that time can make the difference between a sale or go to Wal * mart. What can you do? These 14 tips will help you. I have divided into two parts: Internet business and Internet business outside. Business outside the Internet 1. Consistent Promotion Do not tire of promoting your business. It invests at least 10% of your monthly income on advertising and be consistent in your message without changing gait strategy. Example: If promotions that give a lifetime warranty, stand firm in that strategy because consistency builds trust. 2.

Use your own testimony Playing flute is excellent, but nothing competes with testimonials from satisfied customers. Create a system where you gather evidence. Maybe call the customer, send a postcard or when you return to your establishment. Public testimony on all your advertising. An idea that comes to mind is that you take a photo to your customers, including the testimony with his signature, in a picture frame and put it in your establishment.

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