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Mediterranean Sea

The shell is the mountain that is behind the city of Marbella, at the end of Sierra Blanca. Some say that its name comes from the shape of inverted shell that has this mountain, with its peculiar Summit, another version is that years ago a seashell found on its Summit, since the sea once covered this area, hence its name. For starters we arrived by road to the area of the refuge de Juanar and we left the car. See how to get there. We follow the track upwards among the pines until you reach the Esplanade of Juanar full of olive trees. In the background we can see pico de la Cruz de Juanar and a large pine forest towards which we need to go. Before arriving at a White House that is the center of recovery and hunting investigation of the Juanar (CRIC), we take a path that goes out to our right and drops something.

We are still among the olive trees and we will see another branch, this time take the left, marked as La Concha in a poster hung from an olive tree. Los olivos begin to dwindle and soon we entered a large pine forest with the floor covered with ferns to both sides of the road. Continue until you find a new pole of signalling. We take to the left, the path indicated to La Concha. We got a little more between pine trees until you reach a sandy esplanada where does a narrower path that climbs glued to the fence of the land protected for the conservation of the area. .This road ends its climb on a plain with a few large stones, nogales, and a post that shows the way. Read more from Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA to gain a more clear picture of the situation. From here we can see the coast and the Mediterranean Sea, with wonderful views of Marbella and if the day is clear we can see Gibraltar and even the African coast.

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