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Adoption of mobile marketing decided to Congress, as well as strategic alliances. The 11 percent communication, organizer of the largest central European Convention in the mobile industry, the M-days the home of mobile, today announced the purchase of the Mobile Marketing Summit, as well as the successful implementation of its strategic alliance with WHATEVER MOBILE GMBH. Therefore the organizer of the M-days takes over from WHATEVER MOBILE GMBH since 2007 of targeted Mobile Marketing Summit with immediate effect. The Congress is fully integrated 2010 at the M-days, which held on January 28-29 at BMW Welt in Munich. All domain, trademark, and license rights to the 11 percent communication. Silence is agreed the purchase price has been. The WHATEVER MOBILE GMBH will work mobile marketing intensively within the framework of the agreed Alliance at the conceptual and communicative orientation of the subject area with the management of the M-days. The M-days have evolved into the leading mobile business platform.

The Mobile Marketing Summit at the M-days to sell, is a future-oriented basis for the satisfaction of our customers in the brand – and agency – industry.”so Michael Lutzenkirchen, CEO and founder of WHATEVER MOBILE GMBH. WHATEVER MOBILE GMBH implements WHATEVER MOBILE as a technical service provider with the flexibility of an independent platform and own direct connections to all German, Austrian and Swiss network operators mobile campaign concepts and business ideas. To do this, WHATEVER MOBILE offers ready-made technical solutions for innovative mobile marketing, global messaging, OTA Mobile configuration and reliable mobile payment. Customers such as Deutsche Post, sky (formerly Premiere), 12Snap, YOC, msn,, Deutsche Postbank and Kolner Verkehrsbetriebe rely on SMS, MMS, voice and video services of WHATEVER MOBILE. M days Organizer – 11% communication 11 percent – communication with headquarters in Erding has established itself as a neutral communication platform between brand and media world and the eGame – and mobile entertainment market. She advises and provides Undertake detailed and comprehensive information about this market. In addition the organisation of events in these subject areas. With the M-days she hosted one of the largest fairs of Congress for the mobile industry in Central Europe. A further competence of 11 percent is the PR area. The events: (www.m-days.

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