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Mommy Web Twin Column: Every Week New And Exclusive In The Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blog by Mommy Web: new twin new twin column is now online lifestyle blog by Mommy Web. The mommy Web lifestyle blog, online since the relaunch of the platform by Mommy Web in July 2008, has a new and unique column: the young twin mother Carla writes here their frustrations of the soul. Whether it is the general lack of understanding of the hardships of a young mother from pages of the helpless partner, lest authorities or childless girlfriends. Or all night puking babies who have left little for the pronounced need for sleep by Carla’s husband, who takes refuge elegantly in his job – and all together zero regard for Mama. Who needs! Just because a woman’s children, she must appear sensuality and self-realization, but not in the bin, Carla, the young mother of twins from Hamburg finds. And writes itself every week everything sucks them in the past five years since the birth of Lynn and Jona – inspired as well as poetic night shifts at the desk of the soul… lifestyle/category/the twin column

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