Energy Planning Policies

Negative Emotion

It thinks about conquering people and surpassing its obstacles. It thinks about being close of the Author of the life and to know the mysteries of the existence. Its enemy greaters are inside of you. If it does not leave to defeat or if to disturb for thoughts that steal it the tranquillity and the pleasure of living. It trains to see the positive side of all the negative things. The negativistas see the rays, the ones that renew the emotion see rain; the negativistas see the chaos and the ones that renew the emotion see a chance to start everything of new. Third: It thinks as one adult and feels as a child.

He trains to think with lucidity, serenity and conscience, but he has the simplicity and the espontaneidade of a child. Its company or family trains to be a pleasant person in. She compliments all the people of the environment, presses its hands and she smiles. A person is younger the more emotionally pleasant it will be. Room: It does not make the velrio before the time, does not suffer for anticipation. It thinks about the problems and the situations that had not yet happened the sufficient to plan definitive attitudes, but never gravite around them. The ones that suffers for anticipation train to be unhappy, spend a vital energy, make of its lives a seedbed of concerns and stress. Fifth: It protects its emotion in the focos of tension.

It does not make of its emotion a social garbage can. It trains to protect it focos us of tension, does not allow that the offences, the losses and the frustrations invade its emotion. You must be a small fish in a tension sea. You are in the sea, but sea is not in you. If it does not forget that to think very it increases the anxiety and the chronic anxiety ages the emotion.

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