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New Terminal

What can you expect from a terminal whose most important feature is the 3D? A great processor that is quick and much graphical power. It is not easy to create a phone 3D, less in a so small as it is the LG Optimus 3D, and keep in mind that when I say small, I speak of the traditional size of a smartphone with a screen 4.3 inches. The terminal has a good resolution, 480 800 pixels, but is nonsense to get to talk about features when the only thing that interests of this terminal is the use of 3D without glasses. Many writers such as NUVIA offer more in-depth analysis. Strong bet LG for 3D and the most obvious example is its Optimus Tab tablet, but unlike this tablet, in Optimus 3D is not required glasses to see in 3D, that if the 3D effect is focused on menus, games and some applications, when you go to video recording mode in 3D effect is typical that forces you to get a pair of glasses with lens blue/red. Technically the terminal is very well built, be able to pass with a single key from 3D to 2D is a very good idea, because the 3D battery use is considerable. But there is a basic problem, maybe this is more a personal problem or may be widespread, but the 3D effect that is similar to the Nintendo 3DS tired in sight in very little time. To be playing a few minutes of agreement. To use it for a long time, it is a problem, almost tidal..

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