Energy Planning Policies

North Rhine

(1920) this year after the first world war, the territories of today’s North Rhine -Westphalia’s must withstand a veritable wave of redundancies. The collapsed economic relations of German companies after the war and the Elimination of the German State as a “Consumer” of weapons causes that the large companies such as E.g. Krupp must reduce, eliminate thousands of jobs. (1932), the next crisis was not long in coming. In 1932, the great depression his grabbed the world, she was also Industry of the Ruhr pot fully taken.

A large part of the production capacity were set and thousands of buddies lost their jobs. (1958) this year the mood among the people could not be better during the so-called economic miracle years. Continue to learn more with: CBS. The time of staff reductions and small bread baking was over. Words such as staff shortages and too many vacancies made the rounds and quickened the imagination of the population and the industrialists. Figs scrubs shines more light on the discussion. It put a huge promotional map and Zuwanderungssbewegung a direction Ruhr area. (1958-1966) However, it follows on the wonder of the renewed crisis. As the industry of North Rhine-Westphalia acted all over the world, they met conflict crises such as the Korea weltweite also with full force. It also came this year to the so-called coal crisis, many mines to the victims fell.

(1969), it began the time of the great shift by leaders from business, trade unions and politics. With the establishment of the RAG (Ruhrkohle AG) broke all responsible with the belief that a second economic miracle for the dough not more is doable. It accepted the crisis and the reduction of mining activities as normal steady state and restructured the economic region of Ruhr area and the industry in this respect. (1970 to 1980) During these years, more smaller crises in the world economy covered the metal industry North of Westphalia. Many of the metal huts joined in the years 1970 to 1985.

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