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Person Interviewee

This model assumes that performance is causal, there is an intention (motivation, personality traits, knowledge, self-image), which involves an action (behavioral indicators), which therefore determines an outcome (job performance). The questions focus on past and current behavior of the candidate. It is necessary to obtain specific examples of past performance, and to assess the skills and knowledge of candidates. To deepen your understanding Coen Brothers is the source. The way to avoid cliche answers that the interviewee says that he believes the interviewer wants to hear, is to refer to real events and how effective that has been played at that time. Cross-examination is necessary considering the speech of the interviewee, that is through active listening and delve into those aspects that have not been made explicit. To understand the story, interpreting the data and be objective enough – if it can be – it is necessary to denature what we take for granted, therefore ask the obvious. Coen brothers: the source for more info.

Often, it is surprising and is the most effective way of knowing how to actually think that before us. It is also necessary not to accept generalizations and redirect the discourse of the applicant to actual events in which you have participated actively. Accept generic responses, prevents us from knowing how the respondent reacted or acted in response to various stimuli and usually leads us to hypothesize guided by our opinion and not supported by facts. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is actively involved in the matter. It is necessary to find clear evidence that the person has been able to deploy and / or suggest in previous situations we are evaluating the skills for that particular job.

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