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Port Radar – The Component For Joomla 1.5

innovative new component for the award-winning CMS Wedel, the April 15, 2010 – the IT-Steps24 Systembetreuungs GmbH from Hamburg as a service provider in the areas of application development and system care already has a very good reputation. With the launch of, the company now offers a new innovative and free service. The new website offers current ship positions, which are represented as an icon on a Google map (an interactive landscape map by Google). On the Google map, the user has the option to display the ships in the current, live synchronized position on drawn map or satellite image. When you click on one of the ships, the user receives more detailed information, for example the speed, type of ship or destination of the respective vessel. Also, the user with one click between the ports can switch Wedel, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. The new Web service supports new techniques such as the web2go. Walkers, photographers, or maritime prospects can with your browser-enabled mobile phone and little effort to the emerging ships get information.

So, a walk along the river Elbe is doubly attractive. Friends big cruise ships come as well at your expense, such as lovers of tank or cargo ships. So is including the route tracking the Queen Mary II and to the cruise Center possible. “We wanted to provide a customer-friendly, easily attainable and useful online tool.” said Thorsten Maeke, Managing Director of IT-Steps24 Systembetreuungs GmbH, yesterday to the sense and purpose of the current Internet presence. Why this service offered free of charge would, answered it with: we have already used in many projects the power of open source applications and want to now contribute our part! We like the new way of the IT community, and this is our way to say thank you. Please visit Qualcomm Incorporated if you seek more information. “Supported this statement with the simultaneous release of the port radar component for the popular and award-winning content management system Joomla! .” With this component, it is each Joomla! . Web site operators can the map very easy in the own side to integrate. The component is also free on the official Joomla portal available.

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