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Japan owns a communitarian culture that generally inclines to organize the production in equipment. However, the western societies characterize themselves by one more a more individualistic direction that it leads towards a system of incentives and control based on the hierarchy and the valuation of the individual yield. This difference has given good results him to the Japanese companies. The Japaneses feel aversion by " inequality desfavorable" ; they are arranged to deliver the attack to control its companions and to punish to whom they work less. They put in its site to " profiteers it indicates that the Japanese tendency to exert the pressure of the group and to control themselves mutually in the work place emanates of its egalitarian and communitarian culture and of the observed organizational aspects in the companies of the country. The Japaneses prefer the equality and before they would punish its nonproductive companions who to let to them go by free, even if it affects the social interaction and supposes a effort extra to control to them, a task that always has been believed limited the relations hierarchic Conclusions In the measurement that the management is identified with the relevance of the beneficial reach that is generated of the work parties that collaborate significantly in pro of the profit of good behavior, organizational climate, the results will be favorable stops the company and is obtained as it indicates Isaza, that of the successful equipment it is learned that the members require qualification in dynamics of groups, problem analysis, interpersonal techniques of communication, relations, effective presentations and decision making; and to the interior of the equipment other characteristics are acquired such as: democratic administration, visible and participating leadership, shared responsibility, I put defined, interactive communication, multicultural abilities, interdisciplinary approach and opening to new ideas. Definitively passage is due to give the integration of the equipment, to carry out persuasive, proactive, democratic a leadership, in which one becomes jumbled the personnel of the company with integrated, cohesive, effective equipment good, aspect that in the case of many companies of the country it must be rescued in order to guarantee productivity, effective operativity of the company, more before challenge of a government who totally is identified in instituting a socialism, that still costs for many of the Venezuelan industralists and its workers to assimilate it. Source: Organizational behavior, virtual Classroom of Postgraduate of Phases, programs specialty of management of the quality and productivity, University of Carabobo. Original author and source of the article.

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