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“Many new customers confirm: the recommendation engine prudsys AG established itself as the leading recommendation system in E-commerce the prudsys RECOMMENDATION ENGINE (short: prudsys RE) middle class was in the last year of the initiative “as an innovative product in the category of E-Commerce” award. In addition, the data mining specialist received this year the preferred business partner status of the Federal Association of the German mail order company (bvh) awarded a quality label which guarantees mail order-specific expertise and superior services. Approximately 50% of the top 20 shipping merchant of in Germany such as source, Heine and Baur, and many mail-order company in the top 100 (source: mail-order consultant), so for example, 3 pages / 3 Suisse, Alba Moda, Douglas, Karstadt, Mexx, trust prudsys RE now in the and insert this recommendation engine today successfully to generate high-quality and personalized product and purchase recommendations. The realtime Analytics could moreover also in particular specialist in the two last months also Lufthansa WorldShop, 1-2-3 TV, Austria, OTTO Netherlands as well as the shopping portal Tradoria as a new customer win. This also for the last quarter of 2008 positive balance confirms a based on real-time data mining and thus innovative recommendation technology for the trade to offer the successful concept of prudsys AG, which distinguishes itself through a quick and easy integration into existing IT-systems and a modular design. This allows not only for the generation of personalized or individualized product and buy recommendation in online shops, as well as electronic newsletters engage the recommendation engine, but implement new business scenarios such as dynamic price optimization and the prevention of shopping cart crashes (customer targeting) in online shopping with her.

A key factor in this success story lies in the high technological innovation of this recommendation system. The prudsys RE is regarded as world’s first intelligent recommendation engine, making their own recommendations through constant interaction automatically improves with the online-shop visitors and guaranteed by their usage for the first time a tangible return on investment (ROI) or an increased turnover by 5% to 15%. With the prudsys RE we have created the conditions, to expand our leading market position in the realtime Analytics area and to position us as a first mover in the real time data mining.”so Dr. Michael Thess, Board member and head of research and development of prudsys AG. Moreover, this positive balance sheet that we meet the needs of our customers with our solutions shows.”so Dr.

Thess. about prudsys AG: the prudsys AG founded in 1998 under the name PRUDENTIAL SYSTEMS SOFTWARE GmbH develops and integrates data mining solutions for the analysis of structured data. It focuses on the area of real time analysis (real time analytics). Prudsys AG’s solutions include the complete processing chain of the data processing on the analysis and the reporting to the deployment of the models. The prudsys AG not only provides Products, but also components and algorithms. With this unique modular system, especially embedded and real-time analytics applications can be implemented in a very short time. The prudsys AG is also a technology leader in data mining. No other data-mining company has developed such an innovative mathematical methods for large amounts of data and patenting. By prudsys’s customers include well-known international companies such as Karstadt, Quelle AG, Baur, Douglas shipping, Heine Versand, JPC, R + V insurance, Deutsche Post and others.

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