Energy Planning Policies

Residential Automatization

In this work one searched to carry through the control of a residential process, that possesss four cmodos and a bathroom, inferior and superior reservoir, using a controlling micron Pic16f877A with crystal of 4MHZ, with five light bulbs functioning through a pulse button. The heating system functions as the stipulated temperature, defendant a heating resistance, binding and disconnect the fan. The sonorous alarm functions from the moment that the key of the alarm will be on, will have any attempt of opening of the door or window, will set in motion a sonorous alarm and the five light bulbs will be blinking. The inferior reservoir has three divisions, water of the Sabesp, reaproveitamento of the water of the shower, reaproveitamento of pluvial waters, in these cases of reaproveitamento the control is made through electrode of high level, in case that the reservoirs are full set in motion a valve solenoid for discarding, the superior reservoir functions in the manual or automatic way. This work can be used in any residence of high standard or low standard. This process was demonstrated in a mockup of four cmodos.

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