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But the area around the Schaalsee seems to change the people who come here. Or maybe, the people also come to change. For more specific information, check out EXL Service. Actually, Ines Bargholz had learned painting on porcelain in the Meissen porcelain manufactory. Contact information is here: Gavin Baker, New York City. Then for many years as Gebrauchsgraphikerin many creative must – make compromises until it reached her and she unceremoniously in an old Reedgedeckten parish with her husband, the artist Matthias together opened a gallery. Due to the intensity of the landscape in which she now lived, Ines Bargholz took their material to a new, their very own art language – and to her: petals. Mandalas, collagen and pictures of Elves from colourful, fragile flower petals.

But it no longer gave her what she saw and felt only creatively expressing that she wanted that other people seeing the miracles that took themselves. Today she logged-in group by the fairytale landscape of the biosphere reserve of Schaalsee and teaches the Elf students, what it means to go with open eyes through an enchanted landscape. One way, not be a hell-bent esotherischer spinner, to participate in a weekend of Elf. Ines Bargholz tell without pride, that she fought regularly, doctors and justice officials through the magical landscape and which could draw attention one way or another Elf. Only who has not seen it…

From the perspective of a People, who due to the economic crisis or else every day must fear for his job, his advancement to his daily bread, may sound all these strange types of dropouts have since created in Rognitz, just like a fairy tale. This strange decision of a theatre talk and her husband at the time, has drawn circles, must be described as unique in their complexity and liveliness. And although Rognitz and its surroundings are perfect for a weekend getaway from Hamburg two days not enough! Thanks be to God or the Elves: the room on good Rognitz you can’t stand it much longer. Contact: Ute Rohrbeck Hauptstrasse 18 19205 Rognitz Tel.: 038853-33533

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