Energy Planning Policies

Russian Federation

If the characteristics of the product as a whole and in part not subject to national laws, Such products can move freely within the relevant market, and at the same time say that the product is in the region, not legislation reguliruemuyu.Dlya issuance of production, which falls in legally regulated area requires a formal confirmation that it meets all the requirements of the legislation. One form of such evidence is the certification of products conducted by an independent third party (the first – the manufacturer, the second – the consumer.) products in not legally regulated area may move freely within the market, and at the same time, it is not officially presented requirements for the establishment sootvetstviya.V not legally regulated area provider, for example, can certify their products with the subsequent registration certificate of conformity independent third party and on his own initiative, requesting confirmation of conformity of production specifications, selected at its discretion. The supplier may request identification to its products to certain standards, certain technical parametram.Postavschik must clearly understand the mechanism of benefit from certification, such as through the advertising company involving the conclusion of an independent third storony.Pri manufacture and sale of the Russian Federation, as well as customs clearance of products of various type and volume of a need for certification produktsii.V any case, the certification confirms the quality products, declared by the manufacturer as well as facilitating the export and import, production, increases . certification and registration soovtetstviya certificate: 1. To create an environment for organizations and entrepreneurs in a single product market of the Russian Federation, as well as participation in international economic, scientific – technical cooperation and international trade, 2. To assist consumers in selecting a competent product, 3. To protect consumers from unscrupulous producer (seller), 4.

To control for product safety environment, life, health and property 5. To confirm the quality of products, announced izgotovitelem.Obyazannosti certification body: 1. One to identify products presented for certification in accordance with the rules of certification system, 2. Certified products, to issue certificates 3. Carried out in accordance with established procedure supervisory control of the certified products, 4. Suspend or revoke the action to issue a certificate, 5. Provide the applicant at his request the necessary information within its kompetentsii.Obyazannosti testing laboratory: Implement testing of specific products or specific types of tests and issue test reports for sertifikatsii.Obyazannosti manufacturers (vendors, performers): manufacturers (sellers, executors) products subject to mandatory certification and implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation shall: 1.

Implement these products only if there is a certificate issued or recognized by a competent authority, or Declaration of Conformity, adopted in the prescribed manner 2. Ensure compliance of products sold with regulations, according to which it has been certified, and marking it with a sign compliance with the established procedure; 3. Reported in the accompanying technical documentation information about the certificate or declaration of compliance and regulatory documents, which must comply with the products and provide this information to the consumer, 4. Suspend or discontinue the sale of products unless it meets the requirements of normative documents, compliance with which is certified or confirmed by the declaration of conformity, the certificate expires, the declaration of conformity or the shelf life of products, its lifetime, and if the certificate is suspended or reversed the decision of the certification body; 5. Ensure the smooth execution of its powers by officials carrying out the compulsory product certification and control of the certified production, 6. Inform the certification body in the established order of the changes made in the technical documentation or the process of production of certified products.

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