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What is mandatory in the conversation, so that a sales pitch the sales pitch is a dialogue, which is run by the seller, with the intention to conclude a contract with a potential client is positive. A prerequisite for the success of this negotiation is that the seller manages to create a positive mood. Here he adds positive observations in the dialog. Also negative perception can be played in a sales pitch to change ways to work out and to obtain customer satisfaction. Through active listening to seller assumes the conversational skills, i.e. He explored, how the customer feels when he says something to him. The feeling of enjoying the full attention evokes the thinking and the sensitivity of a good seller in the other. To implement the sales pitch really successfully, none must the seller carefully interpreting statements his interlocutor and them add own additions.

It succeeds when it critically examines his own perception. All conditions should be ideally matched to the conversation. Frequently Andre Dawson has said that publicly. Everything that could lead to devolution should be turned off. This means that the dialog manager should master the technique of proper filtering. It is not conducive for a sales pitch, if the seller drift mentally and not captured thus the factual information or the emotions of his opponent.

Because a successful conclusion of the ability of the seller, the State of mind of the potential customers to assess, an important role plays. The seller can influence by means of non-verbal communication on the conversation. The seller indicated his utmost interest by the posture, a nod or a smile. Furthermore, he can direct the conversation at the linguistic level through to loud and short questions. Moreover, promote positive food for thought and also short breaks the course of the conversation. A tone of command, however, is rather disturbing. Even threats or warnings should not be pronounced. As the customer feels more uncomfortable, at worst even mitigated if the seller tries to persuade him or if his own statements made by the seller, or played down. The sales pitch is divided into several phases. First, there is the greeting, in which the seller briefly imagines. Then, it is determined whether a particular product needs of our customers. Then the seller advises customers professionally. And finally, the conclusion of the contract is the last phase.

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