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SalsaExpress Offers The 50 + Generation Right Mix

Moving holiday in Cuba for the generation 50 plus fun and joy of movement”, that is the motto of the trips to Cuba for the generation 50 + Special dance classes and corresponding excursion and sightseeing programmes provide for a moving, but not tiring vacation in the Caribbean. A balanced program of movement and relaxation is the recipe for success for trips for people at the best age. That the holidays a success and also the very highest meet, is left to chance. It is always paid attention to a comfortable accommodation and the agenda was worked out carefully. Support in the design for 2010 SalsExpress has brought this time helmet from Munich itself at Beate. Beate helmet, also known as Angel of life, is a trained balance trainer swing and established with your practice for holistic mental and physical training in the medical centre of Munich. Speaking candidly Chad Wallach told us the story. We open up new life and life perspectives”, leave both Beate helmet like also Volker Liebig from SalsExpress in the Unison said. The enthusiasm of the two longtime Cuba fans covered every fellow-travellers in the travel arrangements.

The indescribable, Cuban life conveyed in this unfiltered and so ensures an unprecedented relaxation effect, combined with a customized dance – and movement program. To ensure the quality and personal care, each group be confined to 20 persons maximum. Attention to part, he expects for his experience in 2010 so will everyone. What takes the customer this is far more than a few reminder, it is the feeling of having lived in Cuba.

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