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To the distance of a dear being (poem) When it is lost to be wanted; senimos an emptiness, so great emptiness that it is not occupied by anything or anybody, and this happens: when a being loses itself querdio! As human we learn to love and to be loved; to people but who to others and a those that demonstrates to all their affection and affection to us, but we felt that everything finishes: when a dear being loses itself! The death we must see it like a step but towards the true life, and our God thus does not explain them, we are full of pain; I say it because still therefore I feel: because when we are reunited, still we remembered that dear being! You deserve a privileged place where it wants that estes; that is no doubt! , you were used to us being always with us; in the good ones and the bad ones, but never you taught the way to us of how feeling us, at the time of losing a dear being! We must feel us happy, some diran: happy? , if, because we are sure that you must be now near God and viendonos now thinking about you; that you are our dear being! If you see us cry from time to time, we can say that it is that we were strange to you; but also because we know that these good and we will see you someday: because you are a being very loved! Pense escribirte a poem, and you never know the difficult thing that it was done to me; thanks I give a him God to have it developing to me in a dream, and to demonstrate to me that with pencil and paper it is possible to be demonstrated: whatever is wanted and it is surprised to a dear being! For describirte, not existiria paper nor pencil some that could be used, because they are terminarian and nonpodriamos to follow; thus they are the things when it is needed to describe to to be wanted! you do much lack to me; that nor to doubt it! , memory that always hablabamos of the day of my graduation and your always you were including in accompanying that so special day to me for my, but always estaras with me, because seguiras being, besides my dear being: but the great and faithful friend! Writing by: rep yvan Diaz jimenez to the 26 days of the month of February year 2010 Santiago of the horsemen. If you have read about Jeffrey L. Bewkes already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Sunday. 11:45 p.m. Follow others, such as Coen brothers, and add to your knowledge base. Dedicated a: secondly walls (lelo). Original author and source of the article.

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